Feel like a VIP with RAN REWARDS! Earn points by doing many different things, then spend those points and save some money.

ways to earn points

Here are the different ways to earn and their point values.

Leave a Product Review:
Earn 500 Points

Share Us on Facebook:
Earn 300 Points

Place an Order:
Earn 6 Points for Every $1 spent

Signup for RAN Rewards:
Earn 200 Points

Like Us on Facebook:
Earn 200 Points

Follow Us on Twitter:
Earn 200 Points

Share Us on Twitter:
Earn 200 Points

Follow Us on Instagram:
Earn 200 Points

Share your Birthday:
Earn 100 Points

ways to SPEND points

Right now there are several ways to spend your RAN Rewards points. Here are some of them and their cost.

$5 Off Coupon (min. $50 order)
Spend 300 Points

15% Off Coupon
Spend 500 Points

Free Shipping (Max $25 value)
Spend 1000 Points

Free Shaker Bottle ($12.99 value)
Spend 1500 Points


Share us with your friends and when they make a purchase, you will get a 25% off coupon good for any order AND they will get a 15% off coupon as well. So sign up now and get started earning these valuable points.

Share us, then when they buy:
Get a 25% Off Coupon

Your Friend then
Gets 15% Off

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